Crossboders - Smoothing the path to your new home


Below is a brief summary of the services we provide. In the customer login section we have a detailed description of each service that we provide, an extensive range of recommended weblinks and specific information downloads to assist you further.


Swiss Residence and Working Permits


Establishment of companies
Employment contracts for employees

Private Tax

Impact on personal taxes from living in different locations
Personal tax planning

Office Search and Set-up

We lead you through the process, conduct the search, negotiate the property rental contract and assist with the setting up of the company

Furnished Accommodation

Provision of Crossborders Furnished Apartments
Search for third party properties, negotiate lease and manage process

Familiarization Trip

Introduction to living in Switzerland, local areas, schools and properties


Assist with choosing the right school and liaising with the school for your application

Home Search – Property Rental

We lead you through the process, conduct the search, negotiate the property rental contract, agree on repairs and changes and perform the handover with you

Home Search – Property Purchase

We lead you through the process, conduct the search, negotiate the property purchase with related terms, assist you with the documentation and handover

Settling In

A wide range of services to assist with the your new life in Switzerland

Governmental Registrations

Connected with the Immigration services, we manage all of the required registrations

Vehicle Import

We lead you through the process ensuring that all import costs are minimised, the vehicle is appropriately certified, insured and registered

Domestic Personnel Search

We introduce you to our network of suppliers and assist with choosing and employing domestic staff

Spousal Assistance Services

We connect you with the right people for what you need

Cross-Cultural Training

Specific courses are offered to assist with both the business and personal aspects of living and working here

Tenancy Management

When a company takes on a property lease on behalf of an employee we manage the expenses for the property, repairs and general management of the property during the lease period


Water leaks, accidents and many other problems arise after you have moved into a property and are well settled. We provide the insurance for you and your company, so that we can resolve any problem in a timely manner

Departure Services

When leaving either the country or moving into a new property we lead you through the process and the negotiations with the landlord

Property Sale

We lead you through the property sale process and the search for a new buyer

Searching for a New Tenant

Following an early departure from a lease contract we manage the search for a new tenant