Welcome to Crossborders AG, a private Swiss company dedicated to smoothing the path to your new home and business in Switzerland. We provide a broad range of independent advisory services for private and corporate clients moving to Switzerland and local property owners requiring a trusted partner. Specialising in providing premium services, we work with the best local partners and have a world-wide reputation for service excellence.


We offer a highly individual approach based on trust and discretion. With our business experience and networks we provide you with the best possible solutions in a very efficient and personable manner. We specialize in providing truly independent consulting advice and our approach is being very much "hands-on" and guided around, what is best for you. As a Private Client we guarantee that you will be working directly with the Company's founder.
As a corporate executive in today’s business environment, time is precious and new assignments challenging. We understand many of the pressures facing you and your family as you move countries and do everything we can to reduce the stress so that you can focus on your new role. We work closely with you in a professional and caring manner with the aim of smoothing the path to your new home and life in Switzerland. We follow the service package selected by your employer and work within its confines.

By providing integrated services we are able to minimize the time and costs required to assist each client and offer considerable flexibility in assignment planning. Working with your management team and global partners, we provide the local face and knowledge to each client and their family throughout their assignment here. Our dedicated approach, experience and investments provide you with a trusted and capable partner constantly delivering outstanding service results.
We appreciate the emotional and financial aspects of renting out a valued property. We employ thorough checks and processes to find the right client for you and ensure that your property is well looked after. We invest a considerable amount of time in the preparation of contracts, introducing the client to the property and making sure that their responsibilities are well understood. Once the property has been handed over to the client we continue to act on your behalf where necessary.


Below is a brief summary of the services we provide. In the customer login section we have a detailed description of each service that we provide, an extensive range of recommended weblinks and specific information downloads to assist you further.


Working together with one of the the most prestigious legal firms in Switzerland, Bär & Karrer , we offer our clients a full range of integrated legal services for Residency and Working Permits. With government quotas and regulations continuously evolving this partnership is critical for ensuring a smooth and successful initial step, when moving to Switzerland.
The established processes ensure that each client clearly understands the various steps in each application process, that the necessary documents are quickly received and business partners are updated throughout the process. Our systematic approach and experience means we can review the speed of the various stages in the permit process and accurately advise of the likely timing of permit issuance for each client and when the new assignment could begin. As many permits are issued for just twelve months we manage the monitoring of the permit expiration dates and prolong each permit when necessary.
The legal services are for applications and advice concerning the various permit types for all nationalities such as:

Swiss Citizenship
Deposit of a C-Permit
Change of Canton
Family Reunification
Monitoring of Permits
Prolongation of Permits



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